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      2.  Logistics Support

        Delivering the Best Solutions to Achieve your Goals
        Business logistics involves many strategic aspects in addition to standard logistics activities that include transporting, warehousing, material handling, packaging, distribution processing, and logistics information processing. To meet global logistics needs, we focus on providing strategic solutions (planning, forecast, management, R&D, system development) in every aspect of logistics from procurement of materials and products to the production and sales throughout your supply chain and demand chain. Nittsu Shoji will reexamine your logistics from the customer’s perspective and help you optimize your operations.

        Company Profile

        Nittsu Shoji Thailand provides well-rounded cargo transportation services for sea and air consignments.

        Services cover the entire process, from receiving goods from customers to packing and loading goods in containers and customs clearance.

        The company also allocates and sells space on board ships and airplanes. Dismantling and installation of export or import machinery is also provided.

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        Services Offerred

        Quality Control

        We have always challeng-spirit and an awareness of the issues, arrange the vital working environment by thoroughness quality control, we offer the height quality services to reply customer's need.
        S [Safety] : Maintain Safety (3S)
        Q [Quality] : Keep Manual-izing
        C [Cost] : At Cost Decrease
        D [Delivery] : Be Punctual
        M [Morale] : Raised Motivation

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        Nittsu Shoji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
        103 Moo 1, Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Asia Road KM. 60-61
        T.Ban Lane, A.Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya 13160 Thailand.
        Tel. +66 (0) 3535 0977 Fax. +66 (0) 3535 0979
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